Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Day

On May 1st also known as May Day Chase and I went to Jonathan's work and delivered a May Day basket full of all his favorite snacks. The basket included Jr. Mints, Slim Jims, Sour Patch Kids, Good & Plenty, Cajun Trail Mix, and Chocolate Covered Raisins. Chase enjoyed getting to see his dad at work and all of his co-workers who adore Chase. That is until he almost stabed his eye out with a dry erase marker and started screaming! Yeah, I gave him the marker so he could draw Jonathan a picture on his board and yes I know what a stupid idea that was!

Anyway I was shocked to hear that no one had heard of the tradition of May Day Baskets which I grew up with. So here it is, on May 1st you make little cups or baskets full of goodies to give to your friends. You take it to their house and set it on the doorstep. Then you ring the door bell and hurry and try to get away before your friend catches you and pinches you or in some cases kisses you. Just a little fun to kick off the warmer weather. You should try it next year if you don't do it already. Who knows maybe you can start a neighborhood trend and a family tradition all at the same time.

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  1. Sounds fun! Well Abby today Aubrey stuck a craft bead up her nose! I have a big container of them and let her scoop them in and out of different containers. Well today she decides to stick one up there to the point where we couldn't get it. We tried pepper and a feather duster to get her to sneeze but it didn't work. So I took her to the walk-in and they scooped it out. So yeah you're not the only one!