Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day and More

My first Mother's day wasn't the best. First off, we have 9am church, I had to get myself and the baby ready, and I had to teach in Relief Society. The lesson went ok but I wasn't as prepared as normal and for some reason the class wasn't as chatty. I had to scrounge for some reading material to take up the remaining time. Then we got home and Jonathan made me Easy Mac for lunch. What a great meal, not! When more than half the day was over and I hadn't been relieved of baby or diaper duty we decided that we would switch Mother's day and Father's day this year. Jonathan just had too much studying to do considering his exam is on Friday. I did get a rose from both Chase and Jonathan and I also bought myself a new swimsuit. Let's just say I hope that my Mother's Days get better in the future.I know our outfits clash. I unfortunately didn't plan that far ahead.
Chase learned how to drink from a sippy cup tonight! I don't give him juice very often because he doesn't particularly care for it. However, I put some juice in a sippy to see if he could figure it out and for awhile he just played around with it and used it as a teether. Then he finally got it and the look on his face was priceless. Not only was he shocked that he got some liquid out of it but the fact that it was juice really shocked him. He made a silly sour face that was really cute. I didn't get a picture of the sour face but I did get a couple other cute ones.
My big boy sitting on his own drinking from a sippy!
Chase also found a couple of new favorites. Shoulder rides from his dad and the wonderful remote with tons of buttons! Not quite sure how I feel about the second one. I did figure out that if I push the VCR button before he gets a hold of it that he can't change the channel. Watching Chase grow has been so much fun. I just can't believe all of the new things he is discovering and the raw emotions he shows. I am blessed every day that I get to stay at home and raise such a great little guy!


  1. He is so cute...where's Jonathan's shirt?:) Yeah Mother's Day isn't always cracked up as it seems to be or should be but some years will be better than others. FUnny though how you don't really celebrate until you have kids and then you don't really get to enjoy it anyway :(! Keep bloggin'!

  2. CUTE pics. Sorry your mothers day sucked. Mine was similar just b/c of graduation and everything. Mothers day was kind of lost in the shuffle. Oh well...there's always next year!

  3. Ok, SO funny. When I looked at my blog list, i t said your Blog had been last updated 7 YEARS ago. Ha ha. Good for you, going back!

  4. Blakely and him would have so much fun together right now! He is a doll.. Scott was bad about the whole Mother's day thing as well so they have to learn from their mistakes ha ha!!