Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nov. 6, 2009

For Chase's actual birthday we went to Wil Jenny's with the grandparents for a nice dinner. Chase was definitely dressed to impress and had a great time.
This is a horrible picture of us both but I had to post it. This is Chase enjoying some brownie sundae and holding up his finger to show how old he is.
The crew that came into town to help us celebrate. Chase has some awesome grandparents!Dad kept him entertained by drawing with the crayons. He loved having his hand traced.
Chase finally decided to try coloring rather than just eating the crayons. This is his first art work, other than the dark green scribble on the hand and of course the hand itself. Needs some work but maybe he might be an artist!
Because I posted some really horrible pictures of me I thought this one was a little better. Chase is still the photogenic one that's for sure!

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