Monday, November 2, 2009


We finally made it to Chase's first Halloween! With him almost being one I knew that my little stink would not wear a normal costume. He rips and pulls at anything he doesn't want on his body. That list of things would include but not limited to bibs, hats, socks, and sometimes even his shirt. So I figured we better make him something I know he would wear. Of course I turned to his trusty football jerseys. Yes, he had to support the red & white in addition to the always necessary (according to Dad) burnt orange. Plus it saved me from spending $20+ bucks on something he would never wear again.
Here he is standing up all on his own. Honestly he isn't leaning on the fence. He can stand while dancing and playing but still won't make any effort on taking any steps. The sucker was his bribe to stand for a few seconds so I could get a picture.
Here he is practicing his hiking skills. Down... set... hike!
Taking a break, that standing stuff is hard work!
This is the trick or treat football bag I hand stitched and glued for him. Don't I do good work?A family pic from a work party.
Us all bundled up because it was freezing outside at the ward trunk or treat party. Chase wasn't really into getting the candy he mainly enjoyed looking at the trunks that were all decorated with flashing lights. The trunk or treating was the extent of Chase's Halloween experience. We figured we would save us all the trouble of getting him dressed up only to drag him out into the cold to collect candy that he doesn't even care about. Hopefully he will enjoy and understand it more next year!

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