Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We spent Thanksgiving in Utah this year. It seems to be a great meeting place because both Jonathan and I have family there. We spent Thanksgiving day with the Hoyt's. We spent yet another year eating a wonderful meal at a wilderness cabin in the mountains. I have a feeling it will be the traditional Thanksgiving location. It was a fun gathering of both friends and family. Not only do they have a great buffet but the log cabin feel made for a cozy afternoon. They have a ton of wooden statues all over and it seems that bears were the common theme. Chase loved climbing on a few of them.
Chase loves being around other kids and had a blast with all of his cousins.
We spent the following day with my family. My mom and dad made the drive and were staying at Angel's house. We had a fun time playing and watching many games. Mom, dad, Angel, and myself spent a few hours away from everyone while getting in a little shopping. It was fun to bond with just the adults even though I think my dad was ready to pull out his hair and was probably wishing he had been deaf! It probably didn't help his mood any that Angel completely pulled the back of his seat off!!! Let's just say he definitely paid us all back by taking us on a LONG car ride (supposedly on our way home but clearly not the case) to a neighborhood where he used to live. I guess it's the small things we do to make our parents happy. He really enjoyed showing us the house and telling us many stories.
My niece, Lizzie, also shared her pet rats with Chase. I didn't know how he would handle it but you can tell by the pictures how he felt. At first he wondered what the heck it was but after spending just a few seconds watching it he headed for some security, Daddy! Surprisingly the rats were kind of cute.
He also had fun learning a few new tricks from his cousin Sam. What a bunch of crazy boys!!!
Chase and I also had the fortune of running into some old friends and their daughter Blakely at church. Good thing I had my camera with me because who could pass up a picture of these two cuties!It was a great trip filled with the love of many close family members and friends. We can't wait to see what next year brings!

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  1. Oh, so sweet! Chase IS so HUGE! It would be cool if you all could come to Texas... we are lacking a few friends down here in SA. Our ward is kind of taking some time to get used to! Talk to you soon :)