Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday Fever

Every holiday season brings a ton of hustle and bustle. With this being my first season as a stay at home mom I was able to feed my holiday fever in many new ways. Chase and I enjoyed listening to Christmas music while we played rather than sitting in front of the TV and he loved the Christmas lights I hung. Our apartment actually felt more like a home with all of the decorations! Chase's favorite decoration was our Scooby Doo stocking that talks and sings.
I also tried my hand at baking some holiday goodies. A few years back I made some ginger snaps and literally turned them into small balls of flames in the oven and set the smoke alarms off. I really felt the need to redeem myself! I tried and really didn't improve a whole lot. My ginger snaps made it out without flames but were really hard. Jonathan called them "break your tooth hard"! My sugar cookies I made from a Betty Crocker bag and still managed to mess up. They cooked for too long and were hard as well. I made a second batch a few days later and they turned out a million times better. I even made my frosting from scratch! Jonathan claims I still need to work on my baking so we will see what the future holds. Hopefully one day I can esteem to making a cookie!!!
Me decorating the "better" batch of cookies
A few of my favorites
Chase decided he wanted to help me and somehow managed to get the green food coloring off the table. I caught him under the table dying his hands and the carpet! This picture was taken after scrubbing with soap and water for several minutes.
A family pic taken at our Ward Christmas party
No Christmas would be complete without a chance to sit on Santa's lap. This Santa is the nicest jolly old fat man you could ever meet. Who would be afraid of him?!?!?
Chase was absolutely terrified to sit with Santa. When Santa walked into the party he shook Chase's hand and he was smiling from ear to ear. The second we handed him over for a picture Chase screamed and tried his best to get away. It was quite comical.
I really wanted a picture of Chase with Santa so I thought I would hold him and stand between the two to get a picture. Chase didn't like this either. As you can tell he continued to scream and wanted nothing to do with that jolly old fat man any more!

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