Monday, March 15, 2010


This year we spent Christmas in Texas. It was fun to see Chase truly be a part of the festivities because last year he was just too little. We let him open his gifts from us early so we didn't have to travel with them and he did a great job of opening his own presents, which I don't even have one picture of. However, once we were in TX there was just too much excitement happening for him to concentrate on one thing. We couldn't even get him to sit to open a present. Once he started he would very easily be distracted with something else and get up and walk away.
While doing some last minute Santa shopping PaPa and Daddy bought Chase this cute Santa suit. The only problem is that is was a 6-9 month outfit and he was actually almost 14 months old! They were soooo excited about it that there was no chance he wasn't at least trying it on. I have to admit even though it was several sizes too small I am happy we got some pictures. His head is in the 95% so the hat was a real squeeze as you can see. With the small hat and his dumbo ears he actually looks like a little elf!

A family picture from Christmas Eve

It is a Hoyt tradition to get matching pj's and is one tradition that Jonathan and I have done since we've been married. We couldn't get us all matching but I think that's a good thing because at least Chase looks cute and not like a big green blog like Jonathan and I!

Uncle Tay Tay was getting a little bit jealous of all the pictures we were taking without him so here is a fun one for the memory book. Thanks Tay!

Bridger, Chase, and Maddie on Christmas Eve. Aren't they adorable?!?!

This is a picture of Chase on Christmas morning. Santa brought him a miniature bounce house! He loved climbing in and out of all the holes and climbing on the slide, that is until we had it shipped to us in KS where Jonathan quickly caused an irreparable hole along a seam . However, the gift that took the prize of favorite would have to be the cheap, plastic tools also pictured. Go figure that the $1 package of tools from Wal Mart would be the big hit.

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