Monday, April 6, 2009

First For Everything

Life for the Hoyt family couldn't get any better. Jonathan and I are loving watching Chase, our first child, grow and discover new things. His little personality is getting stronger every day and I believe he is well on his way to taking after me in that field. It looks like we will have a Hoyt appearance with a Crandell personality. Scary I know!
Since I am a little behind I wanted to update everyone on all of the firsts in Chase's life and development. He was born on Nov. 6, 2008 at 3:30 pm weighing in at an even 7 lbs and stretching to an even 19 inches. He lost his umbilical cord on Nov. 14 and his plastibell (plastic ring from circumcision) on Nov. 16. Since we had plenty of help with Grandma Ree and Aunt Emmy in town we took on our first bath on Nov.16 which was scary and exciting all at the same time.

Chase was blessed on Nov. 30 in Midway, UT at my in laws home. It was a special moment for both the Hoyt and Crandell family. Needless to say his first month on earth was a whirlwind.

Chase in his blessing outfit.

Those who were in his circle for the blessing.
The Crandell family.
The Hoyt family.
Daddy changed his first poopy diaper on Jan. 1, 2009. For anyone who knows Jonathan, changing a poop diaper was something I felt would never happen. After only eight weeks he bravely took on the task and did a great job! Since we are on the subject of diapers I found it very interesting that in the first 24 hours of Chase's life no one from his family changed his diaper. Horrible I know, but I had great nurses who took care of that and the lactation specialist and Dr. Brunner even took one for the team.
When it comes to sleeping we have been very blessed. When he was born he would sleep for about 3 hours at a time. Then in late Dec. he started sleeping for 6 hours a night. This progressed to 8 and 9 hours a night in mid Jan. Around a month later he was sleeping for 10 hours and is now up to 12 hours a night and has been doing that since mid March.
In early February he started having mini conversations with us using his cute little baby noises. It was fun to hear his tiny little voice and how he learned to love his high pitches. He soon became our little squealer.
On Feb. 27 he rolled from his belly to his back and on Apr. 1 he began rolling from his back to his belly. Once he figured out both of those moves he would constantly roll in circles. I would leave him on his play mat and come back a few minutes later only to find that he was in a completely different spot. He has just recently started pulling his legs in underneath him when he's on his belly and I feel that crawling will be just around the corner! We will continue to keep you all posted on Chase's development.


  1. YAY!!! Looks like you got it all figured out! I am excited! And I am even more excited to see you in less than 2 weeks!!!