Monday, April 20, 2009

Omaha Zoo

What is the best meeting spot for two long time friends and their kids? Answer: Omaha Zoo!
Chase and me riding the baby elephant
Chase looks right at home and I can even see a resemblance

Mandi and her girls Marley and Makenna came to hang out with Chase and me and we decided to go to the Omaha Zoo. We had perfect weather and a great time. The kids loved it and were really well behaved. We definitely got in a good workout as we hiked up and down tons of hills while carrying kids and pushing strollers. It was a good thing Aunt Meggie joined us because she was a great help.

Megan and Mandi my two BFF's

Chase's favorite part was the aquarium. He loved the jellyfish tank and tried grabbing at them through the glass and he also liked the tank that he could lay on and look at all of the fish.

Chase grabbing the jellyfish
Chase looking at the Nemo fish

Marley loved everything we saw and was a good sport about taking pictures with Chase. Makenna on the other hand mainly stayed in the stroller and snacked. She did get out for a few pictures here and there but I never managed to get one of her. Sorry Kenna, we do love you though!

Marley and Chase with a Gorilla in the backgroundChase and Marley at the butterfly exibit

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  1. Hey! We had so much fun with you guys! The pics are cute. I am getting ready to post my part 2, but I managed to somehow not get a single picture of you...LAME! I guess the pictures I took of you were with your camera... oh well. Next time!