Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crandell Family Pictures

It has been several years since my entire family has all been home at the same time and this summer it finally happened. 12 Adults and 15 Children all in tow made for a fun yet interesting photo session. Of course it had to rain on our parade! After hours of prep getting everyone ready and all in the same place to take outdoor pictures we had a lovely summer storm. So off to a tiny screen room (it had the best lighting) we all went to begin the whole process. After gathering in as many groups as we could think of and taking more pictures than you would ever need we decided to try out a new spot. Yep, now onto the family room couch armed with a power light to torture our poor children some more. Once we took another million pictures the storm had let up and someone had the wise idea to head outside to the front yard to add to this wonderful photo session! And as the sun settled so did our family photo session. Let's just say it's a good thing we won't be doing this again for at least another 4 years!!! Anyway, here's how they turned out...
The whole Crandell Clan
Crazy face clan
Howlett Family
Schaub Family
Strom Family
Watson Family
Hoyt Family
All 15 Crazy Grandkids


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