Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tis the Season

Tis the season to celebrate mine and Jonathan's birthdays and anniversary. This year I turned 27, Jonathan turned 29, and we celebrated 7 years of marital bliss! It is soooo crazy to me to think we are that old and that we have been married for that long.
My birthday was kind of a bummer except for the fact that Jonathan surprised me with a new video camera. Presents aren't something he usually does and I loved that he put in the effort. I have been complaining that I hated our huge camera we have and that I would love to take more family videos but that I hated dragging that big thing around with me. Jonathan picked up on my complaining (or should we say subtle hints) and made my day with my new camera...well, almost. I ended up returning the one he got for one that I liked better but it was the thought that counts. I hopefully didn't discourage him from picking out more presents for me in the future. (Like maybe some new diamond earrings, just another subtle hint!)
Chase and I surprised Jonathan at work and brought him a balloon with some warheads, a whoopie cushion, and finger football all attached. They were all gifts I thought he could have some fun with at work and to my understanding they have already been put to good use. His real gift was a laptop that he bought early.
For our anniversary we went with his parents to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. (see post in blog) We also ate at the same restaurant for all three occasions. It's is our ultimate favorite here in Kansas City because it reminds us of Texas. It's called Wil Jenny's. The entire restaurant is decked out in TX pictures. It is fun to look at the walls and see how many places we recognize. All in all we had a great time celebrating these momentous occasions.

Us at Wil Jenny's (waitress=bad photographer)

Chase getting a taste of his first lemon

No sour face, just a big grin

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