Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First word....of course

I have been meaning to update everyone on Chase's first word! He has been saying it for about a month now and I love hearing him say it all the time. What is it you ask? Mom of course! That's right he knows who his favorite is and wants everyone else to know it as well. I find it interesting that he says mom mom mom rather than mama but I will take it either way. He obviously feels to grown up and sophisticated to just say mama.
He has also been doing an army crawl for about the same amount of time. He started by pushing himself backwards and then slowly learned how to pull forward. He is now army crawling around the entire house and always finds the smallest things the vacuum missed. I guess I just have to stay up on the cleaning and vacuum more frequently. The army crawl is a little annoying to me because he can get up on all fours and rock back and forth but whenever he wants to be on the move he lays on his tummy and uses his elbows to pull himself forward. He is a daredevil already and continually crawls and teeters on the edge of things. If he's on the bed he crawls to the end and looks down below and does the same thing on the stairs too! It's a bit frightening for mom and dad but not for our little Chase man. As much fun as we are having watching him grow there are days when I long for my tiny baby too. I guess that means we might be ready for baby #2!

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