Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Just recently we added two more states to Chase's list of places traveled. Colorado and Arizona were states nine and ten. While our time in Colorado was brief and spent in the airport where Chase met many new friends Arizona was a fun filled trip!
Our main purpose for the trip was to attend Lily's baptism. The baptism was wonderful and she even sang a duet with a friend. Papa Dave gave the traditional Holy Ghost talk at a Family Home Evening all in Lily's honor. I was glad we were able to be there for her special day and I can't believe how grown up and beautiful she has become.
This picture was taken at My Big Fat Greek Restraunt. It was a lively place that made for an enjoyable family evening. The best part was when they lit a cheese appetizer on fire and scared Chase to tears. It was a huge flame that came out of nowhere. We didn't try it but supposedly it's a great treat. There was even a time when all the servers got in a line and were clapping and dancing. We were all watching and enjoying ourselves and Lily even joined in, that is until they started dancing right towards Chase in his high chair. They were coming at him pretty quickly and once again he was scared to tears. It is sooo funny how insecure he feels when he is on his own. Had I been holding him during either of these instances he would have been all smiles instead of tears.
One of my best friends from high school was able to come and visit Chase and I. Even though it was a quick visit it was great spending time and catching up with Shauna.
These creepy critters were found by me in addition to another little one in Emily's pool. She never had problems with scorpions before I came to visit. They all just had to make my trip a little more exciting! We had a blast swimming and laying out by the pool. The sun and relaxation was just what I needed. Chase even improved upon his tan. He was as dark as Emily's sun drenched AZ kids! He also enjoyed taking baths with his cousins and the cuddle time with Grandma Ree.

This is Chase's girlfried, Isabella, from the airport. She was also ten months old and such a cutie pie. She made the many hours at the airport more bearable for Chase and myself. Chase was invited by the pilot to come sit in the cock pit. You can tell from his expression that he loved being in there with all of those lights and buttons. He even got his first pair of wings. Who knows maybe one day he might actually be a pilot.
Needless to say it was a great trip for both of us and we can't wait to go visit again!


  1. Hey Abby! You're little one is so cute us so cute, and it's fun to see pics of your family. I laughed when reading the part about Grandpa Dave's Holy Ghost talk. It brought back memories of your grandpa giving that talk when Jenn and Em got baptized!

  2. I remember when Bronson got to sit in the cockpit and got his first wings. So much fun!