Friday, October 16, 2009

Change in Hearts

I just wanted to take the time to write about how much change Chase has brought about in Jonathan. It melts my heart to see him take time in the morning before he goes to work to play with Chase and how he immediately goes to him when he comes home before even kissing his wife!?!?! The other day when all the news reports were out about the boy floating 7K feet in the air in a helium saucer he actually had concern. He called me to tell me that when he heard the news he was thinking about what he would actually do if it were Chase and how he felt for the family of the little boy. Anyone who knows Jonathan knows he would have normally thought... what a crazy kid, I bet he is having the time of his life and never once been concerned. It's amazing what children can do to the hearts of their parents. I often sit and watch Chase play and think what on earth did I do before I had him? I am thankful that I get to stay at home and hopefully never miss a smile, cry, or even those big old gas releases he has or heaven forbid not see him potentially crawl into a flying, helium saucer and float 7K feet in the air!

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