Friday, October 23, 2009

Deanna Rose Pumpkin Hollow

Chase and I recently went to the Pumpkin Hollow at the Deanna Rose Farmstead with our good friends Jana and Kylie. We had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back next year. There were a ton of activities for kids that Chase had a fun time doing but I think it will be more enjoyable for him next year when he is a little older. We started off on a horse drawn hay ride which Chase absolutely loved. The horses immediately caught his attention and he loved playing with all of the straw.
Chase and I taking a break on the pumpkins.
He loved climbing on all the pumpkins!
This was the hay stack slide we went down. It was really neat because it was all supported by hay and stacked so it was as if you were climbing up stairs.
Chase taking a break outside the corn maze to play with the ears of corn. I knew he was truly a Cornhusker at heart!
Chase loved this scarecrow. I just stood him on the bail of hay and he knew exactly what to do. He rapped his tiny little fingers around the face hole and pulled his head through the opening. Isn't he smart and talented?!?!?
This is one of my favorites. He found a giant corn stalk at the opening of the corn maze and played with it there until I made him put it down so we could move on to the next activity. He was just waving it around and babbling away. I really wish I could understand his baby babble.
Just a cute photo spot but not a great picture of us.
My other ultimate favorite, Chase with his girlfriend Kylie. They loved sitting in the hay playing together during the horse drawn wagon ride to and from the pumpkin patch.

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  1. I so miss the farmstead! Looks like you and Chase had a blast. Wish I was there to go with you too.