Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Firework Frenzy

The 4th of July is a holiday not forgotten with the Crandell Clan. Every year our family gets together to celebrate the fourth in good old Gering, NE. What could be better than several adults and even more children running around playing with fire and explosives?!?!?!? It is also a time of year that Jonathan loves just as much as Christmas. We started this year off by traveling the few miles it takes to get into Missouri to buy the "good fireworks" as Jonathan would put it. We spent the evening as a family buying, lighting, and watching Jonny light up the night. I was worried that Chase would be scared but after a few loud bangs he was totally used to it and got excited watching the explosions of color. He even tried helping get things organized but Jonathan didn't like his little helper because he was afraid that his precious fireworks might get ruined. Chase's favorite were the little cheap ones that have the effect of a strobe light. I think it was because they were super bright without all the noise. Once in Nebraska we had to buy even more fireworks! We were able to make it in time for my cousin Justin's firework show he does annually on the third of July. Not only is it his favorite holiday but also his birthday. He put on an awesome show that was an hour long and was better than most professional shows. Chase just laid back and watched the whole thing. He would kick his legs in excitement and even let out a little giggle here and there.
On the fourth we got together at Jama's with all the Crandell's and the Allred's for a BBQ. It was great seeing everyone together again and we even took a typical Crandell Family Reunion picture. We made it through the evening with only a few minor burns but tons of fun and memories to hold on to. All in all this firework frenzy was one never to be forgotten!

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