Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Riverside Zoo

As a little girl I remember going to the Riverside Zoo and seeing the white tigers, feeding grape dum dums to the spider monkeys, and nearly falling into the pond with all of the scary sucker fish! Maybe not the fondest childhood memories but memories none the less. While visiting family this summer back home I decided Chase needed to make his own memories of the local zoo as well. Little did I know that my hometown zoo is not the greatest compared to the Omaha zoo which Chase has already visited. While not impressed by the animal exhibits he was thrilled with the recently added splash pad. Even the freezing cold water couldn't keep my little man away. He would sit and play until the water would stop for a minute or two when I would rush him to a waiting Grandma Ree and a nice warm towel to wrap him up in. However, as soon as he saw the water spurting again he would kick his legs and nearly throw himself off her lap. It was a fun time had by Chase and all of his cousins. Let's just say that Chase's memories of the Riverside Zoo will be completely different than my own.

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