Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kiddie Parade

Another long time running tradition in the Crandell family is the annual Kiddie Parade held during Oregon Trail Days. Every year growing up my sisters and neighborhood friends would come up with a lavish theme and make costumes for the kiddie parade. I was anything from one of the three little pigs to a Chinese princess. In keeping with tradition we have always added our own children to the parade as well. This year was Chase's first annual kiddie parade. He was an army guy with his boy cousins and the girl cousins were flowers. I am not sure he really understood or enjoyed this tradition but hopefully he will grow to love it! The kids even made the front page of the Star Herald which is the local newspaper. I hope to plan ahead next year and have a cute theme in which all of his cousins can participate. So be sure and keep posted for next years unveiling. By the way if anyone has any cute ideas please feel free to share.

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