Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Photo Shoot

Another outfit and another beautiful day so why not take more pictures of the cutest kid ever?!?!? I know that comment may be a little biased but I do think these pictures are pretty worthy of that title. Sorry there are sooo many but it was too hard to chose just a few. I am glad that we get to have fun together and explore the great outdoors all at the same time. Yes, he really does have a good time and this is not a torture for him. It's kind of funny because I take all of these pictures right outside our apartment and I always get people asking if I want to be in one with him, but the problem is I'm always in sweats with a ponytail. Not a great combo for pictures! Maybe one day we will get a new family pic too!
I have no idea what he's doing but I love that crazy face! If you look closely you can see his snaggle tooth on top. For some reason his two front teeth didn't come in first and he has just one side tooth on the top, hence the reason why we call him snaggle tooth!
Okay, so I can't get the kid to eat food half the time but put him down in front of some rocks and he's ready to eat away.
Chase with his Radio Flyer walker wagon. He loves cruising around with that thing. Maybe I should send this on to Radio Flyer and he can become a real model and make some money for his mom!
He just looks too precious for words.
I swear he is saying here, "Wait a minute mom, I swear I didn't do it!"
Just taking a break. That walking stuff sure is hard work!
One of my favorites. I love that he is in the foreground and his wagon is in the background.
He can even do it with one hand. Hopefully this means he will be walking soon!
Another fun black and white photo. I just can't get enough of that face!


  1. Ah, I loved that stage when I only had one child and I took a MILLION pictures of him! I have hardly any of Aubrey! Chase is a doll!

  2. Chase is so darn cute and grown up! I can't even believe it Abby. I'm so glad I found your blog!